Florida & Nashville Trips Announcement

As many of you know, our team’s trips to Florida and Nashville (1st trip) fall during the KHSAA Dead Period (6/23-7/10). As a high school Coach, Teacher, and Athletic Adminstrator, I am not permitted to have contact with high school athletes during this time period. Therefore, I cannot accompany the team to these tournaments. 

In order to keep the boys’ best interests at hand, I’ve asked several fathers to “step in” and run the team in my absence. I am grateful for their willingness to help and appreciate your patience and understanding during this period of our season. 

Andy McClinton  (Luke’s Dad) will be the “point person” for the team during both tournaments. He has agreed to be the head manager of the team in my absence. He will coach third base, handle pre-game plate conferences, and have final say on in-game team management decisions. Doug Dawson (Nick’s Dad), and Cris Williams (Hayden’s Dad) will assist Andy. I will meet with all of these men collectively and implement a good plan for these tournaments. I think the plans will yield the best possible results regarding player development and allow the boys to enjoy themselves playing the game they love!

Lineups and pitching rotations will be created by myself and Andy in advance of each game. With the exception of injuries or other unforeseen circumstances, Andy and the other coaches have agreed collectively to adhere to the plans set for each game. 

I will continue to post pre-game itineraries and lineups for each game. We will also score each game with iScore. Both of these will be posted to Twitter for every game.  

I hope this form of communication regarding our plans during the Dead Period has cleared some of the air. The timing of this announcement was a direct result of my planning and “vetting” of the appropriate personnel to run the team in my absence.

I appreciate your patience and sincerely thank you for your support of our team.  

Coach Duggins

Sean Duggins