Sunday’s practice details

Our practice time on Sunday (tomorrow) has been adjusted slightly. Our team will hit at LBC from 2:20-3:10 p.m. and then proceed to Silver Street for practice from 3:45-5:00 p.m.

The uniform requirement for tomorrow is as follows: 

White pants, belt, navy hat


2020 grads will need to wear a navy jersey (can be either your practice jersey, or another navy Ironmen jersey). *Also Bring your white jersey from last year if you played with the Ironmen.*

2021 grads wear a white jersey. I’m asking all 2020 players from last year’s team to bring their white jerseys with them. Our 2021 guys will need to borrow them for the day. Thanks for your help on this. 

We will be practicing with the 15u Prime and 16u Prep teams. The following colleges and universities have confirmed they will have coaches in attendance during our practice: 



Olney Central

Missouri-St. Louis

Southern Indiana

Mount Saint Joseph


Kentucky Wesleyan

Get some good rest tonight and be ready to go tomorrow afternoon. If you have questions, text or call me.  

Coach Duggins


Sean Duggins