100-Inning Game Fundraiser - Need Help from all players

The Ironmen organization has put together a plan to carry out a 100-inning game next Sunday, March 11th. This game will be played by our younger (non-high school aged) teams. The high school teams should attend in order to help out with the flow of the game, to enforce rules, and to help our younger guys stay on pace. Not only is this a fun opportunity for all of our players to come together, but this event serves as a unique fundraising tool for the organization. 

Each one of our 15u South players should send the following link/message to at least ten people they think would be willing to donate $0.10 per inning ($10 total). I encourage each player to secure ten individuals to visit the website, read more about the event, and then they can donate online. 


The 15u South team will need to report to Silver Creek High School’s Baseball field at 10:45am next Sunday, March 11. The game we’re working starts at 11:00am and ends at 12:30pm. 

Each player should text me so I know who will be attending. If you have questions, please contact me.  


 - Coach Duggins


Sean Duggins