End of year announcement (14u HS team)

As our season comes to a close, I wanted to let all parents know I will be moving up with this age group next season. We're narrowing this group of three 14u teams into two 15u teams for next year. I'll be the head coach of the 15u South team. I'd like to thank Coach Seebold, Reed, and Williams for their time, effort and dedication this season. I will begin searching for an assistant for next summer very soon and announce when that person has been selected. 


Tryouts for the 15u Ironmen are Sunday, July 30th at Bellarmine University from 1-4 pm. You must register online and pay $40 in order to tryout. The player fee for 2017-2018 will be between $1,500-$2,000.


While we will be introducing new items for next year, the uniform costs will not be incorporated into the player fee. The majority of uniform items will be available online and will have to be purchased. This will introduce new cost savings for returning players. We can choose which uniforms we want to keep from this season and which ones we want to add for next season. We're working on a plan with Wilson to have all uniform and equipment items shipped directly to homes. Our over-arching goals continue to be to make this a fun experience, to develop players, instill Christian values, develop character, get them the exposure they deserve, and win games while making it all as affordable as possible. 


Below are the tournaments we have the opportunity to play in next summer. I plan to collaborate with parents and players when choosing our tournaments. The dates have not been released for these tournaments yet, but our schedule will consist of playing somewhere nearly every weekend in June and July. I suggest you do not schedule "vacations" during those months if they are going to conflict with our tournament schedule. If you're invited to play with an Ironmen team, it's expected you make the commitment outlined by the coach at the beginning of the season.


Knights Classic (Nashville)

15u Amateur Baseball Championships (Indy)

Perfect Game WWBA (Atlanta)

Perfect Game BCS (Fort Meyers)

Flames Summer Classic (Cincinnati)

Butler/UIndy Invitational (Indy)

Buckeye Elite (Columbus, OH)

Pastime 15u World Series (Nashville)

Pastime 16u World Series (Louisville)

MidSouth Tournament of Champions (Louisville)

Great Lakes Tournament of Champions (Notre Dame)

Best of the Bluegrass (Lexington)

Midwest Open Invitational (Dayton, OH)

Bluegrass Elite (Lexington)


There are several others out there and I'd be willing consider them if you have any suggestions.


As our season draws to a close, I'd like to thank the parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, siblings and friends who have supported us along the way. Without your support and dedication, our season simply doesn't happen. Your time, money, sacrifices and love for your sons is paramount in creating a successful season and a successful program. For those things, I whole-heartedly thank you.


I'd also like to thank the players. I truly hope your experience this summer has increased your baseball IQ, helped hone your skills, helped develop your character, and made you a better teammate and a tougher ball player. It's been a humbling and gratifying experience for me as a coach, and I've enjoyed this summer very much, so THANK YOU.



Sean Duggins

Ironmen Baseball Operations

14u High School Head Coach


Sean Duggins